Game demos, based on Glow engine.

Caution: Demos are based on unfinished engine and 1-2 years old, so be patient to bugs. It's more technology demonstration than game. It can have bugs on modern ATI cards.

  • Iron Cube (2011) download (Moddb)
    Multiplayer tank battlefield in destroyable voxel world. Ability to leave tank and fight with grenades. Several gameplay modes, like "All against all" and "Destroy enemy base". Day-night option for server. More..

  • Little Zombie Susie (2010) download
    Game is about family of zombies trying to survive in our human world. You play little zombie-girl Susie, helping her parents and little brother find a medicine against their disease, fighting with humans, solving puzzles. More..

  • I Know Your Deeds (2009) Intel Level Up 2009 Winner download (Intel)
    Game challenges players to survive over the course of months and years, trapped in a city dominated by nightmarish zombies. More..

  • Deadly light (2008) Intel Game Demo 2008 1st special place winner download
    Game is more tech demo, then actual game. Try to reach end of level and avoid angry zombie attacks. More..